Sunday, March 14, 2010

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If you own a domain name and have been contemplating on what to do with it, here's one thing you can do that will earn you money almost instantly. This is made possible with the introduction of Adsense for Domain by Google not too long ago.

The whole concept is pretty straight forward:

  • Get a domain name
  • Monetize it by displaying Adsense for Domain
  • Direct traffic to your domain
  • Reap the benefits
  • Get a Domain Name

    If you already have a domain name, it's probably a little bit too late to read this section. If you haven't, then here's a simple guideline that you can follow when registering for a new domain name - always use part or the whole keyword of your target niche to form your domain name.

    For example, if you are targeting on "domain name registration", then you may consider a domain name which read something like, etc. The reason is that, Google tailors the ads displayed on your domain based on your keyword i.e. your domain name. So if your domain name doesn't really have a focus niche, then Google will just display random ads.

    On the other hand, if you have a focused niche, all the sponsored ads displayed will be of the same category. It will be easier for your marketing campaigns as well, as you know which category to target. For more guidelines on selecting a good domain name, please refer to Domain Name Search.

    Monetize it by displaying Adsense for Domain

    For this step, you need to have a Google Adsense account, if you haven't got one, you may sign up here. Once you have signed up, go to Adsense Setup --> Get Ads --> Adsense for Domain.

    Next, you have to specify which domain name to add. Once you have added the domain, Google will ask you to update your Aliases (CNAME) as well as your IP addresses (A). These steps are quite daunting if you are not technically-inclined and it may be different from one web host to another.

    If you require assistant, please drop me an email and I will be more than happy to assist you.

    Direct Traffic to Your Domain

    So far, most people have no problems to follow step 1 and step 2 but step 3 is a totally different story. Well, there are 2 ways to do it - paid or free. Let's not talk about the first one and focus only on the free method. This is where you need to apply the concept of Adsense Arbitrage - buying cheap traffic and direct it to a domain with high-paying keywords. The best place to get free traffic is through PTC programs. There are many websites which offer such service but the best one that works for me is If you are willing to spend a little money, you can consider buying traffic from You can get as many as 10,000 visitors for as little as USD10. If you have targeted a high-paying keyword for your domain, it could be a gold rush for you.

    Reap the Benefits

    Well, this part needs no introduction. It's all about number game - the more visitors you have the more clicks you get and the more money you make. Based on that principal, what you can do is, diversify your domain names. Register 4 to 5 domain names with high-paying keywords, configure them to display Adsense for Domain, join more PTC programs or buy cheap traffic and you are on way to reap the sweet benefits.


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